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Dr. Lange discusses Fortifeye Focus on “Ask the Doctor” Radio Show

Dr. Michael Lange has Dr Karen Hecht of AstaReal on as a guest on “Ask The Dr”. Dr. Hecht is a leading authority on the health benefits of astaxanthin. The two talk about the overall health benefits and ocular health benefits of consuming astaxanthin . They both answer many live calls regarding astaxanthin and it’s health benefits. Dr. Lange discusses Fortifeye Focus a supplement he has researched and developed and has been using in clinical practice to help lower inflammation and oxidation. Fortifeye Focus is a supplement containing 10 lutein, 2 mg zeaxanthin isomers and 6 mg astaxanthin . Learn more about Fortifeye Focus at

New Naked Super Protein


Dr. Michael Lange and Fortifeye Vitamins have developed a new Naked Super Protein with less calories, less sodium, less carbohydrates, less sugar, more protein, and more servings. This new Fortifeye Naked Super Protein will be available the second week of July 2017 on

Thank You

After seeing you for my regular appointment last week,I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You.
I have been your patient for 14 years and it started out pretty scary for me when a year before I met you I had a diagnosis of early macular degeneration.  It was evident in the pictures we saw at that time.
You put me on a treatment of Fortifeye supplements and as we saw again last week that I have no more evidence of macular degeneration now.  I consider this fortifeye  product as saving my eye sight.
Please feel free to use this letter  as an endorsement of your treatment and care for my eyes.
Thank You again Dr. Lange.  I really feel you have saved my eye sight which is 20/20 now with corrective lenses.
Craig H. Cebert,Sr


We are greeted by name when we walk in

My name is Jimmy Smith. My wife is Florence Suzie Smith.
We have made 2 moves concerning our medical care since living here for 10 years that has turned out to be well beyond  our expectations. The first was changing to The Village Healthcare Center-Mulberry. This group makes you feel welcome and not a burden because you mean more work etc. The environment is outstanding. We are greeted by name when we walk in. Makes you feel good.

After 8-9 years I became dissatisfied with our eye care group. To me they had became  a very robotic operation. So we left them. I can’t tell you how we picked Lange Eye other than I had heard of them and they have a nice looking building. So far it has been a great move for us. We appreciate the efforts made by the group to make us feel comfortable,caring and appreciated. I don’t know everyone by name but they make us feel welcome. I do know Heather,Tiffany, Dr. LiVecchi , Dr. Ragan and Dr. lange. They are very professional, attentive, and listens to  our concerns about whatever. I have a couple of friends that will be coming to see you.  Keep up the good work

Jimmy  and Suzie Smith

Benefits of the Fortifeye Regime For Dry Eyes

I have Sjogren’s Syndrome which renders a very severe dry eye problem. I have tried many different things and am at the present time wearing Sclaria lenses. I am on a regime Dr. Lange suggested which includes omega 3 oil, focus, scrubbing the eye lids in the morning and evening with Ocu Clean and using the Bruder mask at night. My eyes are not perfect but they are so much better than they were. My eyes were burning, aching, very sensitive to light and it was hard to see.

Thank you, Dr. Lange for getting me on a new path with my dry eyes.
Leah Lee